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Campbell Moving is Northern Virginia's preferred moving and storage company serving the D.C. metropolitan area. We are committed to providing the most professional, worry free and courteous moving experience for our clients. We have been moving commercial and residential clients locally and nationally since 1978. Our competitive rates on packing supplies, packing and moving labor, as well as short and long-term storage makes us the easy choice for your moving needs. You can contact us by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 703-435-2242. Also be sure to check us out on Angie's List to see what it was like for our customers during their major transition in life with us!


Ask a mover about their claims rate. If it’s low, you know you’re in good hands.


Want to make sure you’re choosing the right mover for your company? Simply ask potential movers the questions below:

*Do you just specialize in office moves, or do you move other types of companies as well?

* Will the same crew handle my job from start to finish?

* Will I be able to track my shipment?

* Do you store office furniture and electronics?

*Are your moving practices sustainable?


If you’re just looking for a guy and a truck, you might as well save yourself a whole lot of heartache and move yourself. But if you truly want a stress-free move, turn to a professional mover like Campbell Moving to get the job done right!


There is a lot riding on our moving trucks. A professional mover embraces that notion, carefully caring for their fleet to ensure dependability. Also, the storage facilities should be well maintained because that’s the type of place you would want to stay if you were a piece of furniture.


When you know what’s going to happen, you feel more secure. A full-service moving company will create a moving plan, providing you with schedules, milestones, and deadlines so that you’ll never be kept waiting.

Campbell Moving & Storage's cover photo

Campbell Moving & Storage's cover photo

Dollies are a movers best friend!

Dollies are a movers best friend!


Campbell moving experts are trained to know exactly how to pack, load, and move you efficiently. Which means they’ll take every possible measure to protect your property and your assets.


As you are out voting this morning, our movers are busy taking care of our customers' packing and moving needs. Please keep us in mind if you have an upcoming move. Have a great day :)

We do a lot of moving to the South so even if you have a small load needing shipment give us a call. We may be able to a...

We do a lot of moving to the South so even if you have a small load needing shipment give us a call. We may be able to add it on to an existing trip in one of our tractor trailers.


Quite a flurry of long distance moves happening in December for us here at Campbell Moving. Have reached all the edges of our country with some kind of load or another. Our drivers are ready for a xmas break.

Another day at Campbell Moving

Another day at Campbell Moving

Campbell Moving & Storage

Campbell Moving & Storage

Here is an example of how we protect your furniture. Soft crated, pad wrapped, cardboard on the outside and covered with...

Here is an example of how we protect your furniture. Soft crated, pad wrapped, cardboard on the outside and covered with stretch wrap.

We deliver storage containers right to your home

We deliver storage containers right to your home

Campbell Moving & Storage's cover photo

Campbell Moving & Storage's cover photo


When considering a move, one good practice to cut back on the amount of items you will have to transfer to your new residence is a garage sale. Getting rid of unwanted or unused items will reduce the packing and unpacking time that we all dread.


Moving can be time consuming and stressful, and thus the more you are able to streamline the process the better. By hiring a professional moving company to do all of your packing, boxing, and heavy lifting, you can focus on the other aspects of your move and minimize disruptions to work and daily life.


One of the most complicated aspects of moving involves navigating large pieces of furniture up and down stairs and through narrow spaces. One of the benefits of hiring professional movers is that they will able to take care of all of this for you.


Back when you were first starting out, you might have moved by getting some friends together and buying pizza. But you probably had a lot less stuff that was probably lower quality. Once you’ve reached a certain amount of high quality items, a moving company quickly becomes a better option.


When your packing toiletries or liquid cleaning supplies, cover the openings with saran wrap, then put the tops back on. This will keep them from breaking and leaking all over your other possessions during the move.


Do you have a house with 3 or more bedrooms? The amount of furniture and other items that fill a house this big can easily weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Letting professional movers take care of the heavy lifting can save you a lot of backache.


Some seasons of the year place greater demands on our time than others. That is why we recommend contacting us as soon as you know when you need to move or when you have to be at the new location. We can then reserve a place for you on our schedule.


Although your friends may work for pizza and beer, they may not be the most careful movers you’ll ever encounter. When you’re more concerned about your belongings making it to your new home in one piece than you are saving a few bucks, we’re always here for you.


The problem with DIY moving is that it’s so easy to stay and unpack every load that you bring to the new house. When you hire movers, you won’t have to worry about making dozens of trips back to the old house to get more stuff.


Depending on the ages of your children, you may find that they’re always underfoot during the move because they want to help. Assigning small tasks for each child to be responsible for can give them a sense of purpose while keeping them out of the way.


So how long is the packing process going to take in your home? While this will ultimately depend on the size of your home and the complexity of the move, this usually takes either a day or two.


To keep your boxes from busting open during a move, tape them along the seams where the flaps meet together, but then also tape it perpendicularly at the center of the first tape, forming a cross.


Good planning can go a long way towards a smooth and trouble-free move. By being organized and on schedule in your packing, you will make it easier for our crew to move your items in a timely and efficient manner.


The original "moving van" that replaced the horse-drawn carriage originally used to move peoples' household goods from one location to another was a small, two-axle truck that was powered by a two-cylinder, air-cooled engine.


Strategize your box use before you begin to pack. If you only have so many wardrobe boxes and large boxes, prioritize what you should use them for and what can easily fit in smaller boxes.


While you could always ask a few friends to come over and help you move, you’ll be left with no recourse if something is damaged. Working with a professional is the clear way to go.


Some tips on how to save space and boxes include using towels, pillows, and t-shirts that you are packing anyway as extra padding around fragile items such as lamps, jewelry, and knick-knacks.


Have your employees expressed concerns that their relocation allowance won’t be enough to cover all their moving expenses? Let us work with them to maximize their resources and ensure the move goes as easy as possible.


We always recommend that smaller desk lamps and table lamps be moved in boxes. Even better, pack the lamp shades separately, as these tend to be very fragile.


Moving can be a tedious life even,t and it pays to plan ahead. Whatever the reason for your move, preparing yourself mentally for the journey can help lessen the jitters and heighten your sense of excitement for what is to come.


We understand that moving across town can be stressful, and moving out of state is even more so. Let’s discuss the ways we can help make your out-of-state relocation less stressful on your family.


Here’s an easy tip for staying organized on moving day: use color-coded labels. By designating a color for each room in your home and labeling accordingly, you will help the movers get everything just where it belongs.


In the weeks and months surrounding your move, it's important for you to stay rested and refreshed. This may seem counterintuitive with everything that needs to be done, but just a little rest will go a long way towards keeping stress under control.


Do you use mirror and picture boxes? These are ideal for moving, as they are thin enough to keep your fragile items from bouncing around in the box and potentially breaking.


Before we come to pack up your home, we recommend that you gather up all the essential items that you want to have with you during the move and set them aside in a small closet or cabinet. This should include everything from prescriptions to toiletries and clothes.


If you’ve kept any of the original boxes for your electronics, those would be the best things to pack them in for your move. They usually will have Styrofoam or other helpful packing materials in them that will make packing convenient for you.


Are you planning to move to a different country? Since getting your things to your new home can be more difficult than getting your suitcase to clear customs, you may need professional assistance.


Keep valuable items and important papers with you when you move. Important papers might include birth certificates, school records, mover estimates, new job contacts, utility company phone numbers, bank records, current bills, and realtor information.


We understand that every corporate move will have special nuances. Rather than a “one size fits all” moving plan, we’ll work to ensure your office move takes all your business’s needs into account.


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