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To everyone who took time out of their labor day festivities to reach out in whatever way to say happy birthday to me or spend some of it with me. I feel honored and want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Especially to my wife Caitlin Adams Kenney who helped me host my family for soke delicious willards bbq for dinner thanks for my amazing parents Mary Kenney. To anyone who wasn't able to, forgot, or didn't realize it i still love you all and we still have a whole 364 days for you to make it up to me


mmm gotta stop ny hear for lunch while im getting my building permits for my deck


i hope we get to add another abercrombie to the mix on our friendversary


haopy friendsgiving!


wish I could be back there again right now with Caitlin Adams Kenney!


I have extra tickets to the nats orioles game tonight start time of 705 includes a drink which can be a beer!


Jack Neidermeyer and Melissa Neidermeyer happy anniversary on purchasing your beautiful single family house and your already starting to full it up with little ones!


I feel like I won the lottery with this double packed spoons from chic-fil-a!


I get this all the time while I'm walking Rocco by himself. people walk across the street, walk through the grass, and no one really asks to pet him. it's sad he walks right by most people and doesn't even do more than look at them while he is sniffing around. he is the biggest baby and would never hurt anyone on purpose. I wish people didn't believe the stereotypes. cocker spaniels are the dog most likely to attack and cause injury severe enough to go to an ER and Chihuahua are the most likely to bite but they don't always injury as bad.


great times at Cody Bulls pool with little man and Caitlin Adams Kenney. He made such funny faces


need two people to help load one item into a truck in Ashburn


I need a couple people for a few minutes today at 530 in Ashburn anyone available?


Caitlin Adams Kenney still pretends like she likes him, today is roccos birthday he has been in our live for 6 years now. crazy how time flies by


glad this online test gives me concrete proof of my fantastic memory!


Has it really already been a year James Bernhardt and Tia Bernhardt! Congratulations on your anniversary and the new baby!


That moment when you are driving through Texas but streaming the caps game from your phone to the radio...caps caps caps caps!


Yes let's go caps!!


Earth day


Mmm mmm double-double meal and a shake


Happy anniversary to my beautiful, amazingly talented wife. I'm Happy we got to visit the motherland aka the magnolia farms at the silos in Waco. You.have made my life complete with everything I could ever ask for and given me the family I always wanted. I can't wait for the next 40+ years with you!


My little boxer is still the greatest!!!


This is why I'll never buy food at my local grocery store again. Find out how I get fresh, all-natural, all organic foods at home!


We absolutely love this food and service, if you want to know why, ask me!


Congratulations to my sister from another mister and future brother-in- law on their home purchase, thank you for trusting in me to help you through this crazy process! Can't wait to come over for some grilling! Thank you to champion title for their amazing services and customer care helping us always smooth any bump in the road!


Tyrrell Pryor for 1 year 8 million. Not bad


For anyone who met him, knew him, or loved him. Here is the information for his service.


You'll always be my first business partner, the guy who helped me build my first business and who helped me buy the house my kids have been born and are growing up in. You have always supported me as a real estate agent with your business and referrals, you were one of the only people to be at both my children's births. You were my go to for toys, comics and collectibles (I never had anything good but you were always there to bring me back to reality about them and what they might be worth). I had to stop betting you the yearly $20 bet that the Packers would have a better season than the redskins because it was so one sided. Or bring me back down to reality when I would get overhyped about them in the offseason. You were my go to fantasy football expert if I ever needed advice. I still have the last conversation where I had written a response but it never got sent... It's going to kill me to not know what episode of its always sunny that You thought was hilarious and wanted to discuss with me once I caught up. I'll miss you forever, you were one of the best people I have ever met and had the biggest heart anyone could have. You have influenced my life, more than you'll ever know and you will never be forgotten. I love you Howie Welsch RIP.


Wow just wow


Looks awesome can't wait to see this


Closing with a friend from high school and his awesome wife on a beautiful single family home that appraised $30,000 over what they paid!


That doesn't look good he broke his ankle it looked like


Caitlin Adams Kenney they are finally picking up on his nick name!


This would just be hilarious


This is great


This isn't a Republican or democratic issue, this is an American people issue. These release and blocked legislations amounts to the majority of Americans being affected including the elderly our veterans and children! Let this sink in on what they have done... 1. Protect people with pre-existing conditions Republicans blocked an amendment that would have made it harder to take away coverage from Americans with preexisting medical conditions. 52 million people — about 1 in 4 non-elderly Americans — have preexisting conditions. These Americans are more likely to face significant health costs, and before the Affordable Care Act, were often denied coverage entirely. The amendment also would have protected coverage for people disabilities or chronic health conditions, and prevent plans from discriminating based on health. Republicans currently have no alternative plan to insure people with preexisting conditions. Only two Republicans — Maine’s Susan Collins and Nevada’s Dean Heller — voted for the amendment. 2. Let young adults stay on their parents’ plan Republicans blocked an amendment by Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin that would have made it easier young people to stay on their parents’ health care plan until they are 26 — one of the most popular and effective provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Over 6 million young adults have gained health insurance since the law was implemented in 2010, and young Americans now report better physical and mental health. The provision is also overwhelmingly popular — 85 percent favor keeping young people on their parents’ insurance plans. Sens. Heller and Collins were the only two senators who bucked their party on this vote. 3. Maintain access to contraceptive coverage Thanks to Obamacare, birth control is more affordable than ever. Spending on contraceptive health care has gone down by 20 percent since the Affordable Care Act took effect. An amendment by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand sought to continue this momentum. Unsurprisingly, Republicans blocked the provision 49–49. Sens. Collins and Heller both voted with Democrats. 4. Ensure Medicaid expansion stays in place Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act benefited 11 million low-income Americans in 2015 alone and has created thousands of jobs for direct care workers. An amendment by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) would have sought to continue Medicaid expansion, but it was blocked by Republicans — 48–50. 5. Protect children on Medicaid or CHIP Republicans blocked an amendment offered by Senator Brown (D-OH) that would ensure children could keep their health coverage on Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), both of which provide comprehensive health care services for children including key preventive and developmental care. 6. Protect veterans’ health care Republicans blocked an amendment by Sen. Tester (D-MT) that would have made it harder to restrict veterans’ ability to access VA health care. While Democrats have sought to provide better funding and health care access at the VA, Donald Trump has proposed eliminating the agency altogether through privatization. A poll in 2015 found that almost two-thirds of survey respondents oppose plans to replace VA health care with a voucher system, an idea backed by many Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates. Republicans say they want to replace Obamacare with something better. But in just one night’s votes, they indicated that they are not willing to take a stand to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions, women, children, veterans, young adults, people with disabilities, and struggling families can continue to access the affordable coverage they need going forward.


11700 Plaza America Dr, Ste 150
Reston, VA


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