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It’s a Good Time to Sell, Americans Say

Daily Real Estate News | Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Fifty-two percent of home owners say now is a good time to sell in their neighborhood. This is up from 34 percent who said so last year, according to a survey conducted by the real estate brokerage Redfin.

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What’s more, 58 percent of home owners believe sellers have more power than buyers in the market right now. Redfin researchers note this is nearly the highest level of seller confidence they’ve recorded.

The top reasons sellers say they want to sell now:
•I want a larger or nicer home: 40%
•I am relocating to a new city: 24%
•I want to pull out my profit: 21%
•I want a smaller or less expensive home: 20%
•I have had a change in family status: 19%
•I want to move to a better school district: 15%

“Many move-up buyers have told me they are buying now to take advantage of low mortgage rates,” says William Porterfield, a real estate professional with Redfin in Little Rock, Ark. “Buyers are trying to get as much home as possible before rates rise.”

Still, some Americans expressed concerns about selling, mainly about finding a new home to buy when they sell their own.

The following were Americans’ top concerns about selling:
•I might not find another home I want: 30%
•Prices might fall before I sell: 26%
•I might not find another home I can afford: 25%
•General economic conditions might discourage buyers: 23%
•The appraisal might come in low: 19%

Pricing Matters

When it comes to setting the price for their home, 55 percent of home owners say they will price in the middle range based on comparable sales. However, 19 percent of home owners said they would price high, citing that negotiation is inevitable. Also, 12 percent of home owners said they would price high because if the market didn’t value their home, they would wait until it did.

“While we’re noticing a shift among sellers in terms of their confidence in getting their homes sold quickly and for good prices, it’s up to the agent as their advocate to keep their expectations grounded and recommend a pricing strategy that is most likely to get the best value for their home,” says Sascha Gummersbach, a Redfin real estate agent in Atlanta. “A seller’s market doesn’t grant home owners a license to skip things like valuable upgrades, home staging or setting a price based on comparable homes in their neighborhood.”


Putting the Interest Rate Increase into a better perspective, December 16, 2015 the Federal Reserve raised benchmark interest rate modestly initiating a plan to continue to raise rates gradually over the next several years with the flexibility to adjust to changing conditions. The seven-year policy of zero interest rate increases made headlines raising concerns among homeowners and home buyers. It's important to put the Fed's action into perspective and understand what the changes mean for current and future homeowners.

In short, the increase is expected to lift mortgage rates .25 to .50 percent but as rates rise over the months to come rates will certainly increase more. Renters will be harmed most, and unless your location plan is for less than 2.5 years, ownership is far more ecomomically prudent. The central banking system, member banks, Dodd/Frank and wimpy underwriters ("undertakers" as we call them) are to blame for most of financial chaos. Yes, Ron Paul was correct... 100% correct.

We strongly recommend applying with three lenders duplicating loan packages so the moment one lender starts becoming unreasonable, pull the file and engage another. There is no obligaiton to any lender until one signs the actual Deed of Trust at settlemement. Case in point, remain nimble and be ready at any moment to pull your loan file from unreasonable lenders, and these days, most are. Let them work for free.... price to pay for being a PITA.
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