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5 Ways To Save For Your Dream House In The New Year
5 Ways To Save For Your Dream House In The New Year

5 Ways To Save For Your Dream House In The New Year

There are plenty of ways to put less than the traditional 20% down for a house, as long as you weigh the potential trade-offs. You can also use savings strategies to boost your reserves. Here's how to make homeownership happen in 2017.


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What's happening Right this minute with the market?

From Senior Loan Officer, Richard Opal:

The February Jobs Report came in this morning with a robust 295,000 new jobs created. The market was looking for 238,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate went down to 5.5%, lower in part due to people leaving the workforce. The Labor Force Participation index is 62.8% and wages are up 2% in the past 12 months.

Interest rates bumped up today from the strong Jobs Report. Investors are concerned the Federal Reserve will need to start raising interest rates based on the continuing trend of a strengthening economy.

Rates for a 30 year Conventional fixed rate loan are back between 4.000% to 4.125% FHA/VA are between 3.50% and 3.625%. The 15 year fixed is at 3.25% - 3.375% for those interested in refinancing to a shorter term!!!!

Enjoy the weekend and let me know if I can help you or any of your clients with their financing needs!!

Richard D. Opal
Senior Loan Officer


What's new in real estate? Update from some of the best financial consultants available in the Northern VA/ D.C. area:

Real Estate Trends Newsletter -- A weekly news update for mortgage professionals

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We are dedicated to helping Americans achieve and maintain the American Dream of Homeownership. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality service while working to help our clients achieve their financial objectives within the real estate process. We are proud of our work that has made us the area's company of choice for so many working towards their long-term goals.

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January 20, 2015
Wild January
In the past two weeks we have gone over a review of 2014 and also presented some predictions from economists for 2015. However, no one could have predicted the wild ride the markets would have in January. In early January, after just a few days, we looked like we were headed into the long-awaited stock market correction. It took only a few more days of strong rallies to ease those thoughts for a few days, and then the markets reversed course again.

Oil prices are down substantially. And while that may hurt some foreign countries, some stocks and certainly the oil industry, it helps the average consumer. If you consider the peak of oil in 2014, the cost to fill up your car has been almost cut in half. That is a lot of savings. Long-term interest rates are also down which translates into more savings for the consumer. For example, by mid-January rates on home loans were the lowest in more than 18 months. More and more consumers are refinancing home loans and garnering major savings.

Lower oil prices and lower rates? The economy must be really hurting. Yet, the December jobs gains tell us that the opposite is true. We just finished a year in which the economy added almost three million jobs, the best year since 1999. On the face of it, rates should be increasing when economic growth picks up. There are many factors holding rates down and most of them are international. The economies in Europe, Russia and in many other countries are not strong. One must remember that we are now in a world economy. Even our growth is uneven with certain states faring better than others and the world is the same way. For our citizens in general, it is a win-win situation.

The Markets. Fixed rates on home loans continued dropping in the past week and remained at lows not seen for almost two years. Freddie Mac announced that for the week ending January 15, 30-year fixed rates fell to 3.66% from 3.73% the week before. The average for 15-year loans decreased to 2.98%. Adjustables were lower as well, with the average for one-year adjustables decreasing to 2.37% and five-year adjustables easing to 2.90%. A year ago, 30-year fixed rates were at 4.41%, which is 0.75% higher than today's levels . Attributed to Frank Nothaft, vice president and chief economist, Freddie Mac -- "Rates on home loans fell for the third consecutive week as oil prices plummeted and long term treasury yields continued to drop despite a strong employment report. The economy exceeded expectations by adding 252,000 jobs in December which followed an upward revision of 50,000 jobs to the prior two months. The unemployment rate fell to 5.6 percent which was the lowest since June 2008." Rates indicated do not include fees and points and are provided for evidence of trends only. They should not be used for comparison purposes.

Current Indices For Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Updated January 16, 2015

Daily Value
Monthly Value

January 15
6-month Treasury Security
1-year Treasury Security
3-year Treasury Security
5-year Treasury Security
10-year Treasury Security
12-month LIBOR

0.602% (Dec)
12-month MTA

0.121% (Dec)
11th District Cost of Funds

0.686% (Nov)
Prime Rate


American homeowners are quickly fulfilling their New Year's Resolution to refinance their home loans. Residential finance applications rose nearly 50% in one week in January, the strongest weekly gain since November 2008, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, which tracks housing market data. It's a closely watched metric because applications are a key indicator of not just the real estate market, but the overall U.S. economy, says Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial. "We're looking for housing to come back this year," Swonk says. "There's no other single change in the economy other than home buying that has such a large effect on spending." Rates are at their lowest levels since May 2013. Many homeowners rushed to refinance at these rates. People refinancing their home loans made up over two-thirds of the application surge, the MBA reported. In addition, the President announced that the Federal Housing Administration is lowering their mortgage insur ance fees. The low rates are also creating more jobs. Home-building employment increased 7% in December from a year ago. Looking ahead, Swonk sees 2015 as the year that many Millennials, long stuck with poor job prospects, will become home buyers. "We are at a tipping point where we're finally going to see some of those Millennials leave their parents' homes, grow some wings and leave the nest," Swonk says. "They'll either rent or buy, but the arbitrage is really to buy." Source: CNN/Money What a great time to purchase or refinance a home. Contact us to get the process started.

The iconic suburban, single-family American home isn't going anywhere – and neither are their Baby Boomer owners. Contrary to common belief, the post-World War II generation will not be trading home ownership for renting, suburbs for cities, or yards and gardens for more maintenance-free living. Rather, most Boomers will age-in-place, according to a new report by The Demand Institute. The generation will account for nearly one in every four dollars spent on housing in the next five years. The report, Baby Boomers & Their Homes: On Their Own Terms – released by The Demand Institute, a non-advocacy, nonprofit think tank– doesn't expect this generation to stick to the script when it comes to retirement and housing decisions. The research, which surveyed more than 4,000 Boomer households (ages 50-69), revealed that few Baby Boomers have intentions of downsizing or moving to warmer climates far from their families. "During the financial crisis, B aby Boomers saw their wealth drop dramatically. While many have been forced to adapt their retirement and housing plans to new financial realities, they haven't abandoned those plans entirely," said Louise Keely, president of The Demand Institute. "For the most part, they are still retiring in their mid-sixties and staying in their homes. They value strong family relationships; they want to be near their children and grandchildren. Additionally, many Boomers maintain plans to upsize their homes." Source: Mortgage Professionals of America

RealtyTrac has released an analysis of fair market rents and median home prices in more than 500 U.S. counties, which shows that buying is still more affordable than renting in the majority of U.S. housing markets, while the opposite is true in markets with the biggest increase in the millennial share of the population over the last six years. RealtyTrac analyzed 2015 fair market rental data recently released by the U.S. Department for Housing & Urban Development (HUD) for three-bedroom properties in 543 counties nationwide with a population of at least 100,000. In the 473 counties with sufficient rental and home price data, the fair market rent for a three-bedroom property in 2015 will require an average of 27 percent of median household income, while buying a median-priced home requires an average of 25 percent of median household income based on the median sales price in November. Buying a median-priced home was more affordable than renting a three-be droom property in 68 percent of the counties analyzed, representing 57 percent of the total population in those counties. Source: National Mortgage Professional

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Real Estate today: Forbes predictions for 2015 :)
Housing Outlook 2015: 11 Predictions From The Experts

Real Estate today: Forbes predictions for 2015 :)

It’s been an odd year for the housing market. It kicked off with the ‘Polar Vortex,' blamed for slowing home sales in the early part of the year. As 2014 draws to a close, the National Association of Realtors expects sales of previously owned homes to fall short of 2013’s total, while the latest mon…

Patrick Michael Dimond, Red Door Fine Properties LLC Keller Williams Realty

Patrick Michael Dimond, Red Door Fine Properties LLC Keller Williams Realty


Price improvement from $379,900 to $374,500 for this immaculate town home located in Dominion Valley Country Club! Click on the link below! Traffic is already picking up for this listing, and will not be available for long. Call/text me anytime with inquiries!

Patrick M. Dimond
Realtor at Red Door Fine Properties LLC.
Top 1% Team Serving all of Northern Virginia
Keller Williams Realty
8100 Ashton Avenue, Suite 103
Manassas, VA 20109
Cell 571-288-8198


Housing Inventory is up and rates continuously maintain at an all time low. Give me a shout! I'm here to answer all your questions and direct your financial concerns to professionals who offer free consultation and potentially life changing financial advice. I'm your boy, Blue!


Prepping for graduation/ Looking for your next place to rent? I serve all of Northern VA, give me a call and I'll find you your next sweet spot. 571-288-8198


10 Common Mistakes Of First-Time Home Buyers

From Hidden Costs, To Realtor Quality, Here Are 10 Common Mistakes First-time Home Buyers Make! Let's Overcome Them!

1. No budget
2. No pre-approval
3. Underestimating closing costs
4. No home inspection
5. Not considering resale
6. Budgeting for only the mortgage payment
7. Instant gratification
8. No realtor
9. Thinking the first offer will be a winner
10. Getting too attached

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Looking to clean up your credit score? Refinance your mortgage? Requesting pre-approval? Contact Paula White for a free, no obligation consultation today, or simply click on the link below for further information. Make it a great day!

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