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Active Adult Real Estate Resource I am a Realtor with EXP Realty, LLC, having ten years experience. Serving Stafford and Fredericksburg, VA . My field of expertise is the Active Adults.
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“Luxury comes in all forms, let us show you how! We are LIFESTYLE CONSULTANTS” Sarah Syverson, Realtor, Staging Consultant FORBZ Group Powered by eXp Realty, LLC 540-226-0203 Direct [email protected] Licensed to sell and buy real estate in VA, DC & MD. Geographic Areas of Service: Alexandria City, Bristow, Gainesville, Stafford, Fredericksburg, District of Columbia, Southern Maryland Specialty within the Real Estate Industry: First Time Buyer, Move-Up Buyers, Military, Relocations, Pet Friendly Real Estate Services We believe and specialize in luxury of all sizes including micro, condo, town home style, single family, on waterfront, urban living, on 9 acres or 100 acres. We provide a luxury experience for both buyers and sellers and we know that our clients are looking for luxury in some fashion regardless of the size home they purchase. Luxury is not a type of home, it’s an experience similar to what you get at a high end car dealership, an all-inclusive spa resort, a visit to the presidential / oval office. “We are a LUXURY EXPERIENCE in home ownership for the customer” We handle all your needs outside of the real estate transaction but inside the real estate experience so that you don’t have to. Let us explain… If you are a SELLER, we begin by preparing your expectations of the market with a confident and accurate HOME VALUE Report showing you exactly why your home should be priced accordingly. We assist in finding or providing the right company to help you clean out your home or clean up your home for sale. We assist in finding or providing storage options for your personal items so that your home can show in the best light every day it’s on the market. We provide top notch contractors to do any items needed prior to putting your home for sale. We provide a FREE appraisal so that we are all on the same page as to the value without relying on the AVM’s of real estate (Automated Valuation Methods) such as Zillow to be the determination of your home’s price and then have it not sell and wonder why. We provide a FREE Staging analysis which will save you thousands and in most cases can be done FREE for vacant homes and for minimal cost for those homes our sellers are still living in during the selling time frame. We provide and suggest the best and least expensive Maid and cleaning services while your home is on the market to keep it looking clean and ready for any buyer. This cost is something that is discussed with you at the time of the listing. We provide the option of a pre-inspection so that there are no surprises for you when selling and with the buyer looking to purchase your home. This provides for a smooth process for everyone. We take care of all document signing including before, during and after with the utmost confidence and care and allow all our customers and clients to do Electronic Signing, whether you are located in or out of the country, you get expedited service to accommodate all your needs so that you never miss an opportunity to either sell your home quickly or buy your next home within your time frame. We assist in the purchasing of your next home always keeping in mind your needs and the needs of your families. Selling and buying is a stressful time, we are aware of this and we provide the experience you will need to rest easy each night. We do this by qualifying you as a seller properly to make sure that what you are looking for and you will be moving into is exactly what you want for your family in the location you want. When all is done, we offer a VACATION package OR Evening out to all our clients when selling and buying with us that will allow them to relax, truly relax after the sale of their home – On US. We provide and suggest top notch tax consultants, money managers or financial advisers to assist you to determine the best place to put your profits and invest your money should you need or ask for this service. If you are a BUYER, We explain the process of buying so that in this ever changing market the expectations are set from the beginning. We know and let you know that there are many types of homes we will be looking at, including bank owned, regular sales and short sales. It is important for your experience to be positive and we take that experience to heart. This means as much up front qualifying and discussion as possible to make for a smooth purchase in the end. “We assist you along the way in determining your current lifestyle or the lifestyle you want to have and help you find the perfect home to fits that lifestyle. We are lifestyle Consultants, knowing all communities in an area is our mission and we strive to know more about every community daily so that we can pass that information on to you, our potential client.” We provide top notch lender choices for you to get approved with, so that when you are given an approval or a monthly figure to think about, it is accurate and the expectations of your monthly payment are the same from the day you start the home search process to the day we close and you have your first payment. We assist in providing school information for you and where you can do your own research, which starts by providing you one of the most resourceful sites online: We want your research to be easy and productive and that means helping you find the information that is already available on the internet. We provide top notch insurance, title, radon, home inspectors and mold re-mediator suggestions so that if the need arises we will always be able to take care of you in all ways. We provide electronic signature options for you during the process so that paperwork and location are not a hindrance when buying. We want you to only think about where and what you want to live in, not how to get the home and the administrative part of it, that’s our job. We provide excellent and reputable moving company suggestions and offer FREE boxes to our buying clients who need the service. We understand moving is one of the most stressful things a family can do and we want to make it as smooth as possible. We provide a list of reputable contractors who can offer an array of services for fixing, renovating, putting up fences, taking trees down, landscaping, home additions, basements or just doing that “honey do list” for you after the closing. We offer a list of interior decorators that will surely bring a smile to your face since getting a new house in order is difficult enough, not everyone has the decorator’s touch so having another option could always beneficial to you. When all is done, we offer a VACATION package OR Evening out to all our clients when selling and buying with us that will allow them to relax, truly relax after the sale of their home – On US

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Honesty is a quality that I value in my life. When you work with me, you are getting an honest experience the entire time! I work with integrity and I will make sure you achieve your real estate goals. Call (540) 226-0203 today to schedule an appointment!

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Don't just work with someone who goes through the motions! Choose a realtor who works with a purpose. Call (540) 226-0203 to work with a passionate real estate agent!


Creating an inviting space in your living room is essential in a home! Your sofa and chairs don't have to match, however, you should aim for them to be the same height. This ensures maximum comfort and gives the room a cohesive flow.

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Need to sell your home fast? I have quite a few tips for you, plus tons of resources and connections! Call me today at (540) 226-0203 for a speedy sale!


Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but something that we need to be looking towards in efforts to protect our ecosystem! There are many sustainable choices to that we can make in our homes like buying vintage items or using eco-friendly building materials like bamboo. Take a look at your carbon footprint and make steps in your household to reduce your print!

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Juggling a budget and a list of 'wants' for your new home may seem overwhelming, but it isn't as impossible as you think...
Hot list of homes under 400k active adult

Juggling a budget and a list of 'wants' for your new home may seem overwhelming, but it isn't as impossible as you think! I am the real estate expert and I know the Fredericksburg market like the back of my hand! Let me help you check off all of the wants and needs on your wishlist. Call (540) 226-0203 today to schedule an appointment!

Grab your list now of Active Adult homes not yet on zillow or under 400k Stafford County, Virginia


To clean air in your home, in a stylish way, load up with houseplants in beautiful pots! Some of the best air purifying plants are English Ivy, Dragon Tree, and Peace Lily. You will breathe easy looking at the beautiful greenery in your home!


Need someone to guide you through the home buying process? Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time buyer, I am here for anything you may need! Call (540) 226-0203 to talk to the real estate expert!


If you're lucky enough to own hardwood floors, make sure you're not mopping them! The water can damage the wood, so stick to dusting or vacuuming, and use a wood floor cleaning product if they get really grimy. Keep your wood floors beautiful by limiting water damage!

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Think twice next time you clean your marble counter tops! Acids like vinegar, Windex, and bleach will dull the surface. Make sure you stick to mild dish soap and hot water.


It is a beautiful day to begin searching for your dream home! What are you waiting for? Call (540) 226-0203 today to start a plan on how to purchase.


Are you cleaning out your lint screen in your dryer every time you do a load of laundry? Skipping this step is a major fire hazard, so be sure to pull the lint trap out after every cycle. Once a year, add deep cleaning this to your chore list!

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I'm familiar with all of the best neighborhoods in Fredericksburg. Want a good school district? Got you covered! Need public transportation? I'm on it! Call (540) 226-0203 to get a home in the neighborhood you love!


Need to switch things up a bit in your room? Try re-framing your pictures and mirrors. This is an easy update that will completely change the feel of the room!

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Happy Spring my vintage vultures! I've been busy laboring away at these new tile floors! I kid. They're totally painted but you already knew that. We built our patio last September (you can read about it here ) and after six months, the white concrete floors got really grimy.


As your realtor, I want to be sure that you are kept in the loop and I am here to answer any question that may come up. Real estate may seem intimidating, but my job is to make the process easy! Call (540) 226-0203 to set up a meeting with me!


A cloudy day is actually the best time to clean your windows! A bright, sunny day may seem like the ideal situation, however, when glass dries too quickly, it tends to streak. Windex or watered down ammonia will work wonders on your dirty windows!

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It's important to not skip out on a marketing plan when preparing to sell your home. Bringing awareness to your home being on the market is crucial to attract buyers! As your realtor, I will work with you one on one to create a marketing plan for your home. Call (540) 226-0203 to begin the process!


If you're able to install a laundry chute in your home, do it! If not, think about investing in a laundry basket that you love. It'll be a beautiful accent piece that also doubles as storage!

Carbon Calculator | The Nature Conservancy

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Timing is key when purchasing and listing homes! When you work with me, you can relax and leave the planning to me. I know the market inside and out and I will be sure to pick the best times for each step of the process. Call (540) 226-0203 today to chat about your home!


Need a cheap update for your living room? Changing out your switch plates doesn't cost much, but it adds a lot of value to a room. This is also an easy way to make a big impact with a small change!


20130 Lakeview Center Plaza Suite 400
Fredericksburg, VA


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