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We Save House We are helping people struggling with their mortgage to stay in their home.

We Save House

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Would you like to know another alternative way for upside down high end home owners with a negative equity situation to keep and stay in their home?

I am looking to help homeowner that have a jumbo mortgage ($550,000 plus) with negative equity to keep their home and drastically reduce their mortgage principal and not damage their credit. I represent a private group of investors that purchase upside down jumbo mortgage from lenders and then reduce the existing mortgage down to 80% of current market value.

We can help home owners with good or bad credit. Contact me for details and to learn more about this mortgage strategy.


We Save House

Save My House - Loan Modification Tips
By Dave Berger
Millions of people were taken to the cleaners by the banking industry. They put people into loans that they knew they could not afford. For years there were safeguards that prevented banks from making loans in which the payments would exceed one third of the borrower's income. They threw this restriction out when they created "no income verification" loans.
Instead of going to jail for their abuses, they have applied for government funding and are now making massive bonuses. They are supposed to be using these funds to help tax payers renegotiate their mortgages. They aren't. Why is this happening?
Traditionally lenders did not want to foreclose and take property back from the borrowers. That has recently changed. Real estate values are now going up in nearly every market, especially those markets that were hardest hit by the real estate implosion. Who ever holds that property is going to make money. The lenders are using government funds to cover their losses. They now are aggressively foreclosing on borrowers to build up their real estate inventories which can be sold at a later date for a profit.
What can the average homeowner do to "Save my house?".
First you need to understand how banks think. As a borrower, you promised to pay them on a monthly basis. You may have even committed fraud by claiming you made more money than you do. An estimated income was listed on the loan application which you signed. They expect you to live up to these commitments.
To convince the lender you need a loan modification, you must show the reason you are going back on your promise. Saying the value of the home has fallen is not a valid reason. You must show a hardship that causes you not to be able to live up to your commitment. Loss of a job is an acceptable reason for not being able to make your payments. If you are self employed, the fall off in business due to the recession is another acceptable reason. Escalating loan payments may be another.
You must submit a hardship letter. If you are unsure of how to do this, there are various sources that will help you. You need to document how you got in the situation in the first place. If you were lied to or deceived in any way by the loan officer that took your application, you need to document it. In many cases, borrowers were told their payments would not change from the low initial teaser rates.
Most loan modifications take the form of lowering interest rates which in turn, lowers payments or extending the term of the loan. This will also lower the payments. Banks don't like to lower the balance on the loan. This would cause them to show a loss, which can affect their stability. This is not to say they never lower the amount owed. Recently banks have begun offering to lower the loan balance on homes that are being sold as short sales. The problem here is you must go through the short sale process to be eligible for this.
For your free consultation visit http://www.wesavehouse.com and be as detailed as possible to receive your totally free, no-risk, no-obligation analysis of your situation.

We Save House

Can I Save My House From Foreclosure With a Loan Modification

By Dreama Lee

Anyone in foreclosure has the fear of losing their home, and can find him or herself asking, "How can I save my house from foreclosure?"

A loan modification may be the solution to save your home and stop foreclosure. You may have the option of a loan modification that will allow you to get back on track. It involves close work with your lender and possibly with the assistance of a professional foreclosure prevention company.

You may have not heard of a loan modification. It is actual changes that you and your lender make to your existing loan so that you can say, "I can save my house from foreclosure."

A loan modification is not a new mortgage and you are not going to get yourself deeper in debt. You will actually just be making your current loan fit into your current financial situation.

A loan modification will make various changes to your mortgage. Through the process you can get a lower interest rate or change the type of interest rate you have. You may get the length of the loan extended. You could have fees or other penalties waived and possibly, have a second mortgage erased altogether. Your lender may even offer you more benefits if you choose to do a loan modification.

The reason that you are asking "can I save my house from foreclosure?" could be due to financial complications. You may have lost your job or had a pay decrease. With a loan mod you could see your monthly payments get lowered which would make it much more affordable. The exact terms of your loan modification depends upon you and your lender, but as you can see it can provide a lot of benefits for you.

There are many different ways a loan mod can be set up. You should have help in working with lender. A foreclosure prevention company can help you with this. You will get advice from people who know the industry and who are used to working with lenders on loan modifications. You can also get help to figure out if a loan mod is even something that will answer the question, "can I save my house from foreclosure".

It can be difficult when you are facing foreclosure and it can cause a lot of stress. The best way to stop foreclosure is to get to work as soon as possible. You have to keep in contact with your lender and do what you can to prevent your mortgage debt from getting out of control. You cannot just let it go or you will lose your home. You have to talk to your lender or a professional who can help you with your lender so you can look into a loan mod and see if it is the key to helping you answer the question, "can I save my house from foreclosure".

Remember that we're here to help you stop foreclosure fast on your home; whether you want us to try and help you keep it or sell it. For your free consultation visit http://www.wesavehouse.com and be as detailed as possible to receive your totally free, no-risk, no-obligation analysis of your situation.

We Save House

Many people purchased their house at the top of the real estate market, and now the value of their property go down. Some of them facing negative equity on their house. If you know anyone that want to keep their home and can't refinance because they owe more than what their home is worth. Please let me know I might be able to help them.

You may be eligible for Short Refinance (Principal Reduction) if they meet the following criteria:
Your mortgage is not owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA or USDA.
You owe more than your home is worth.
You are current on your mortgage payments.
You occupy the house as your primary residence.
You are eligible for the new loan under standard FHA underwriting requirements.
You total debt does not exceed 55 percent of your monthly gross income.
You want to KEEP YOUR HOME.

Thank you,
Melvin Vy


IF you are facing foreclosure? Behind payment? Your house is owe more than what it worth (Underwater Home). We can help.

What if we could help you...Keep Your Home, Drastically Reduce Your Mortgage Debt, Not Damage Your Credit

What if we could help you SAVE HUNDREDS EACH MONTH..?

Available for Primary residence, second homes, vacation home, rental properties, and commercial Real Estate (Apartments, Office Building, Retails)

Contact Us Now Before the Program ExpireS!


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