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Welcome to Hamilton Abstract Company. We have been serving Pennsylvania since 1973. We are one of the Lehigh Valley's leading title insurance agencies.


When receiving information about title insurance companies, it can be confusing. When the chattering gets too overwhelming, take the advice of the lender. Their interests are the same as yours—protecting the investment.


Due to the California gold rush in 1848, the population in San Francisco exploded from 1,000 to 25,000 by the end of 1849. During this time, there was significant growth in the number of attorneys, conveyancers, and title experts.


Title companies conduct research to prove the title showing ownership of a piece of real estate is legitimate. It then issues the title insurance to protect the lender against claims that may arise from disputes.


Building a home? Make sure your title insurance covers liens from sub-contractors and other tradespeople who worked on the project, because if the builder doesn't pay them, they may be able to file a lien on the house.


Among other things, the Great Depression revealed a number of weaknesses in the ways mortgages were financed, insured and guaranteed. For example, close affiliations between lenders and insurers led to conflicts of interest that undermined the effectiveness of mortgage insurance.


If a title has no encumbrances, it is considered a clean title. If there are issues, it is considered a cloudy title and the sale cannot be completed until the issues are resolved.


By mid-1940s, the secondary mortgage market grew, as more and more Americans sought to become homeowners. The need for title insurance during this time grew exponentially in order to reduce the risk for lenders while still fulfilling the American dream.


Did you know...
The Title Insurance Company will assist you through the process of the real estate settlement and ensure you have a clear title to your new home. Call us for details.


Mortgage insurance is low risk when the housing market is at a high point. If the appraisal value of a home sinks due to a recession, then it can be harder to pay off mortgage insurance.


When you secure a mortgage, your lender will require a loan policy, a type of title insurance that protects them until your mortgage is paid off. Refinancing your loan means you have to purchase a new policy.


Purchasing an owner’s policy helps protect your rights as a homeowner for as long as you own the property. Owner’s policy can be purchased by either the seller or the buyer, depending on where you live.


Before title insurance was born, buying and selling property in the US was always a risky undertaking. It wasn’t until 1871 when the first title insurance policy was issued.


As a result of the Great Depression, when the mortgage insurance industry was re-established in the 1950s, the new model emphasized a variety of practices designed to better protect lenders, borrowers and insurers.


If you are paying for the title insurance, you have the right to choose which company to use, so don't let an agent, lender or the other party push you towards a specific product.


The first state to allow title insurance was Pennsylvania. This is also the birthplace of the very first title insurance company – The Law Property Assurance and Trust Society.


Some property buyers assume that title insurance is unnecessary. In reality, however, there’s a large percentage of real estate with title defects, ranging from unpaid taxes to undisclosed heirs.


Did you know that your mortgage insurance company can approve a cancellation of your payments if your equity has reached 20% of the purchase price? In fact, they can also cancel your payments if you have a good payment history. They can also cancel if you reach the midpoint of your amortization period.


Among the many things that title insurance can protect you from are forged deeds, owner impersonation, wills not probated, missing heirs, falsified records, birth or adoption after date of will, fabricated powers of attorney, and confusion from similarity of names.


Although you may know exactly how much life insurance you need to cover all the household and final expenses, it may not be easy to get approved for the right amount. Mortgage protection insurance may be able to fill in part of the gap.


Agents from the title company conduct the closing of a property purchase. It is their responsibility to produce funding documents, tax certificates, title insurance, and all other required materials.


Once less than 80 percent of the home’s appraised value is owed, the homeowner must apply to remove the mortgage insurance in writing. The loan will be assessed to ensure there are no outstanding lines of credit against the home.


In many states, premiums for title insurances are regulated by the State Department of Insurance, which means all title insurance companies must abide by the state’s approved insurance rates.


DID YOU KNOW..... Title Insurance is only paid at the time of settlement and remains in effect for as long as you own your home.


Unlike many other types of insurance, once a mortgage insurance policy is in place, the insurer generally does not have the right to cancel or fail to renew the coverage except in limited conditions, such as fraud or failure to pay the premium.


If you're a buyer, you don't want to deal with the surprise of multiple ownership issues on the property you are purchasing. Title insurance protects you against these problems.


Mortgage insurance is not required for loans where the 20 percent down payment threshold is met. There are also different loan types that don’t require either mortgage insurance or 20 percent down, but those can require a high credit score.


There are two types of title insurance: a loan policy to protect the lender and an owner's policy to protect the buyer. The owner's policy remains in effect as long as the holder has an interest in the property.


Not only does a title insurance company protect the interests of parties involved in a land transaction, but the company issuing the policy is also charged with trying to clear up any issues that may be uncovered in the title search.


Title insurance works differently from other forms of insurance, which move forward from the time of purchase. Title insurance works to the past, for an indefinite time, covering contingencies up to the moment the policy is issued.


MGIC (Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.), the first independent US mortgage insurance company, was founded by real estate attorney Max Karl, in an effort to help young families purchase a home with smaller down payments.


Mortgage insurers obtain what’s known as monoline licensing. This means they are licensed for and expected to devote their full attention to mortgage insurance, which is a unique, demanding and complex field.


If significant improvements have been made to the home that increase the appraisal value of the home, then the 80 percent equity required to remove the mortgage insurance will be lowered.


One of the benefits of mortgage insurance is that it allows people with limited funds to buy a home earlier since the full amount of the mortgage is guaranteed. Lenders like this because there is virtually no risk of buyer default.


According to the NAIC Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Standards Manual, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the major purchasers of mortgages insured by private insurers, a role they pursue in order to “provide liquidity in the secondary mortgage market.”


Mortgage insurance is applied if there is less than a 20 percent down payment or if the home is refinanced with less than 20 percent equity in it.


Since your mortgage is likely your single greatest asset and payment obligation, keeping a separate protection policy on it can mean that your loved ones would be able to use life insurance proceeds on other things without worrying about losing the house.


One of the virtues of mortgage insurance is that the mortgage insurance industry itself is an expert in the area of underwriting development. In a nutshell, this means that they consider a number of varying factors and will work with any potential homeowner to help them realize their home ownership dreams.


Let’s face it; we all tend to lose that sense of youthful invincibility after we buy our first house and have kids. Rest assured that our team is dedicated to helping your safeguard your home in the event something happens to you.


Borrower-paid single premium mortgage insurance is the kind that can be paid in cash at closing, or it can be financed as a part of the mortgage loan itself. One of the benefits of borrower-paid single premium mortgage insurance is that it can be paid by agent, builder, lender, or seller.


For most people, saving a down payment of 20% can be a significant barrier to new home purchase. In fact, studies show it takes the average home buyer 10+ years to save up this kind of money given the current housing market and value of the dollar. Mortgage insurance can help.


If the home was purchased while your credit score was low, consider refinancing if rates and the score have improved. Even a half a percentage point in interest can make a big difference over the life of the loan.


In some instances, it’s possible to remove mortgage insurance premiums from your mortgage loan ahead of schedule. If you have, for example, made substantial improvements that increase your home’s value, you may meet the minimum standards and no longer require such coverage.


Mortgage insurance allows people with modest means to invest in a home. The insurance allows homebuyers to make a down payment that represents less than 20% of the home’s established value, but it protects the lender should the buyers default.


The benefit of mortgage insurance is that you will be able to purchase a home for a fair price. Using your credit score, assets, and or a down payment, you can be in a new home and finally investing in your family's financial future.


For the self-employed, things like vacation, sick days and worker’s comp can become foreign concepts. Remember, choosing a disability policy for mortgage protection could create one less thing for you to worry about.


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