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Welcome to Hamilton Abstract Company. We have been serving Pennsylvania since 1973. We are one of the Lehigh Valley's leading title insurance agencies.


Title insurance and home warranties are not the same. Home warranties protect against problems with a home’s major systems and appliances. Title insurance protects against property claims from outside agencies.


Before purchasing a property, the title should be searched to ensure that the property is free of any claims or liens. It is good to be safe in the first place.


Why do you need a loan policy? Most lenders require a loan policy as a condition of the mortgage. If a claim against your property voids your title, it’s the policy that repays the balance of your mortgage, thereby protecting the lender.


What is a title search? A title search is a detailed inspection of the historical records of a property. These records include court records, deeds, property and name indices, and other documents.


What does MIP mean? The acronym stands for mortgage insurance premium, the amount you pay each month, quarter or year for mortgage insurance coverage. MIP policies are typically restricted to those who have FHA loans.


In spite of all the hard work that goes into a title search, hidden problems can arise after closing, resulting in costly surprises. Title insurance offers financial protection against all the possible title hazards.


One of the best things about title insurance is its emphasis on risk elimination before insuring. This gives the policyholder the best possible chance for avoiding title claim and loss.


How does title insurance protect you if a claim arises? If a claim is made against your property, title insurance will, in accordance with the policy terms, assure you of a legal defense and pay all court costs and related fees.


Do you have to renew your title insurance policy? You pay for title insurance only once, when you buy it. Coverage lasts for as long as you or your heirs remain owners of the property and even beyond, in some cases.


What is “Tenants-in-common” ownership? In this form of ownership two or more people take title to property. However, they don’t have to own an equal interest in the property. For example, one owner could own one-third while the other could own the remaining two-thirds.


One of the benefits of mortgage insurance is that once you are approved you can (if you qualify) be approved for a second piggyback mortgage loan. A piggyback mortgage is a second mortgage taken out along with the first so that your first loan is payment amount is reduced.


There’s nothing worse than to finally buy your dream home, only to be met by surprises such as title defects, where you either have to settle obligations that are not your own or lose the property altogether.


Title insurance policies not only serve property buyers and lenders, but they’re also meant to serve all parties involved in a real estate transaction, including brokers, sellers, attorneys, and homebuilders.


While you may be the epitome of caution, the people around you may not be so reliable. Since accidents can happen to anyone, it’s a smart decision to look into ways to ensure your mortgage payment is always made on time.


If you’re a real estate broker, working with a title insurance company improves the chances of getting a loan approved, as well as giving you a chance to fix issues early on that would otherwise delay the transaction.


The Great Depression completely transformed the home mortgage and insurance landscape. Until the depression, mortgage insurance served as a guarantee the lender or title holder would receive interest payments on a specific date and full mortgage payment in the future.


Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was the first to come up with the concept of insurance? In fact, he is known as the “Father of American Insurance”.


Performing a title search on a property is usually a quick and efficient process. It takes about 3 to 5 days to get a title commitment back, which is a confirmation that the seller is the property’s legal owner.


During colonial America, the men who handled land transactions were known as conveyancers. Although not lawyers, they were considered authorities when it came to real estate matters.


In order to obtain a clean property title, it’s important to search public records, which include visits to clerks of courts, register of deeds, and other offices to look for judgments, special levies and taxes, mortgages, and other records.


Who pays for the title insurance policy? That depends on where you live. The laws vary among the states and may even be different from county to county. Your real estate agent should know.


While title companies are thorough in performing their due diligence, and the odds against problems are extremely low, title insurance is still needed to protect against surprises.


The problem with the typical disability insurance policy is that it will only cover a portion of your regular income. Since no one should have to choose between the mortgage and groceries, mortgage protection insurance is a must.


There are two types of title insurance: the lender’s title insurance, which is designed to protect the lender, and owner’s title insurance, which protects the buyer. When buying a residential property, you may have to purchase both policies.


We realize that being the self-employed breadwinner of your household can put a lot of pressure on anyone. Rest assured that we have the mortgage protection options available to give you the peace of mind you need.


Title insurance aims to protect both lenders and buyers from title defects when transferring property. The three most common problems with titles are mortgages, liens, and typographical errors.


When shopping around for a property, it’s important to be proactive, and not reactive, when it comes to potential issues. Securing title insurance aims to prevent problems from arising in the first place.


While most of the time, you should shop around for the best rates on insurance, this isn't the case with title insurance. The rates are regulated, so they are the same for everyone.


Did you know that private mortgage insurance rates must be filed with and approved by state insurance regulators? As a kind of checks and balances system, this protects the lender/investor and you, the buyer.


Title insurance policies typically cover fraud, undisclosed heirs, liens against the property, spousal claims, and forgery. However, you can add additional coverage like a restrictions endorsement if you so choose (and for an additional charge).


If the house you are buying has had alterations made to it, title insurance protects you in the event it is learned they were performed illegally or were not up to code at the time they were performed.


Title insurance is not mortgage insurance and mortgage insurance is not title insurance, although they serve the same purpose of protecting the lender. Mortgage insurance protects against defaulting on the loan, and title insurance protects against encumbrances on the property.


If you think title insurance is expensive, consider that you only have to pay once for it, but it provides you with lifetime protection for as long as you own the property.


Mortgage insurance plays a critical role in the housing market today, lending stability to an otherwise fairly volatile market. By building family economic security through home ownership, mortgage insurance also helps stabilize the economy.


The famous Watson v Muirhead case in 1868 helped put an end to the risky conveyancer system. Watson was hit with losses after his conveyancer, Muirhead, cleared the title despite having found a lien prior to the sale.


We realize how frustrating it can be to get turned down for the amount of life insurance you need to protect your family’s financial future. Rest assured that our team will do everything possible to help you ensure there’s enough to cover the mortgage.


The fee for title insurance is not a one-rate-fits-all proposal. Rather, the premium is based on the amount of the loan and the state where the property in question is located.


In most states, the home buyer is under no obligation to obtain a title insurance through their agent. While a real estate agent may offer recommendations, the buyer has the right to choose their own title company.


It’s important to remember that you likely won’t have any sort of worker’s compensation if you work for yourself. Since even minor accidents can make you unable to work for a time, choosing mortgage protection insurance can help make the monthly payments.


A title insurance company acts as a liaison for your property purchase, coordinating with your lender, broker, and attorney. They also ensure that all judgments and liens that may affect the property you are purchasing have all been satisfied.


Investigate any first-time homebuying credits that may lower either the loan amount or provide tax credits. Veterans can also qualify for special loan rates that may not require mortgage insurance.


Title insurance is a uniquely American concept. It originated in the second half of the nineteenth century as the West opened up and more land became available.


FICO is shorthand for the Fair Isaac Corporation, which in 1990 established the most widely applied credit scoring system used to determine whether or not a mortgage loan should be issued to a specific homebuyer.


Unlike other forms of insurance which are renewed at different intervals, title insurance is paid for at closing, and it is a one-time fee. It is valid as long as the owner holds an interest in the party, and it can be transferred to his or her heirs.


Title insurance isn't just for a house. It also protects against problems with boundary lines and changes to the land or buildings that conflict with local ordinances.


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