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Should You Invest in the Stock Market or in Real Estate?

I can’t tell you what to do when it comes to investing in the stock market or real estate, but I can certainly tell you about each option’s pros and cons. For example, investing in stock is inherently risky—you could lose thousands overnight if the market dips. On the other hand, real estate is basically guaranteed to increase your growth over the long term. To learn more about the differences, watch this video.

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Market Details and Charity Work for the New Year

2018 is over, and we finished off the year by doing our part to help the less fortunate and share our blessings with those who need it the most. The end of the year also gave us a more relaxed real estate market, which is likely to continue into the first part of 2019. As a result of this and great interest rates, it’s currently a good time for both buyers and sellers in our market. To learn more and hear about what we gave to charity this year, watch this video.


Reflecting on Veterans Day

I’m taking a break from real estate topics to reflect on Veterans Day. I was able to visit Washington DC through Honor Flight, a non-profit organization that takes veterans to see our capital’s many war memorials and monuments. Because many veterans die each day without seeing the appreciation our country holds for them, Honor Flight seeks to honor them further and provide gratitude and a sense of closure. To see my thoughts on this day of remembrance, watch this video.


Why I Believe There Won't Be a Recession This Decade: Part 2

In my last video I gave you three reasons that there isn't a recession coming in the next few years. Today I would like to give you three more. The first reason we look at today is our great interest rates. Although they have been rising recently, they are still historically low. To learn even more about why I don't believe there's a recession coming anytime soon, watch my latest video.


Why I Believe There Won’t Be a Recession This Decade

The last recession in our market was over a decade ago. A lot of people have been asking me lately if we’re headed towards another one soon. I don’t think we are for a number of different reasons. For one, the state of the lending market is completely different than it was back in 2007 and 2008. To hear my full thoughts on the topic, watch this short video.

Learn more: https://crgjasoncadwellblog.com/why-i-believe-there-wont-be-a-recession-this-decade.html

Build Your Child's College Fund with Real Estate

Saving for your child’s college education can be a daunting prospect, but today I’d like to offer an alternative solution to building up the necessary funds: investing in real estate. Purchasing an investment property when your child is young could be the ticket to funding their future. Best of all, the money is still good if plans change—unlike certain savings plans that penalize you if your child decides against college. To find out more about how investing in a house for every child can help secure their life after high school, watch this short video.


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While inventory is down in the Valley we are fortunate to have lots of New Construction at affordable prices.  I truly b...
Real estate forecast: Housing shortage will continue

While inventory is down in the Valley we are fortunate to have lots of New Construction at affordable prices. I truly believe the Willamette Valley is the best priced location on the entire West Coast.... This article discusses Central Oregon http://www.bendbulletin.com/business/6030521-151/real-estate-forecast-housing-shortage-will-continue

This year in Central Oregon, real estate will be much like it was in 2017, according to Paul Bishop, vice president of research at the National Association of Realtors.Prices will continue to rise, and a shortage of newly constructed houses will continue to keep a lid on sales volume, Bishop said. ....


Hey All....Many have asked why I don't post more Real Estate stuff, that was because I just had a personal page, so I finally decided to setup a Business Page. There will be a lot of Real Estate related stuff here both for consumers and agents. Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback...


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