Shady Acres Mobile Home Park

Shady Acres Mobile Home Park Shacy Acres Mobile Home Park a small well maintain and quite mobile home park. All lots are well shaded


Several homes are turning green. please clean your home, I have a pressure washer and am willing to help


Grass is getting tall in several yards, please mow your yard, when the rain stops


Today the city notified Shady Acres Mobile Home Park, that the park had a massive water leak. Parks water bill was over 450, 000 gallons for month a February and 128, 000 gallon for first 6 days of March. A typical month is about 52,000 gallons or about 3300 gallons per day. This water leak cost over $5000.00 above normal. We walked the park and found the leak, water that home has been shut off!!
The city will help us monitor our meter for a few days, to see how water use drops!! If you have leaks, FIX them, if you are running water stop it!! This summer check your heat tape and the insulation on your water pipes. I have lived in the park for 35 years, I have never frozen my water pipes and I don’t run water!! Heat tape and insulation work.
Per your 2019-2020 lease page 5 paragraph 18. Tenants will not abuse or over use water. Excessive use of water will be charged to tenants.


Please check your water to ensure no leaks. We used more than normal last month and usage is up again.


Have Mike Jurgesen coming in Friday to help remove some of the snow piles! Mother Nature has given us more snow than we have room for


Privacy policy and laws prohibit how much information can be discussed with a third party about any tenant.
If you are going through a process where a new employer or loan company is going to call me, please notify park to expect a phone call and we have permission to answer their questions.
This also applies to answering complaints


The park is getting complaints, about trailers with junk and scrap metal! New rule: trailers with junk and or scrap metal, 48 hours is the maximum amount of time that they can stay in park. Effective immediately.

More 27 or 28

More 27 or 28

Lot 27 and 28

Lot 27 and 28


Mediacom is having issues in the park. They need to replace another part or two.


Drones are not used to be in Shady Acres Mobile Home Park, No one as permission to fly a drone over the park.

In the next few days campers are arriving for Quad Outage. Park is laid out odd numbers on rights side as you enter and ...

In the next few days campers are arriving for Quad Outage. Park is laid out odd numbers on rights side as you enter and even numbers on left side check map to help you find your lot

Shady Acres Mobile Home Park's cover photo

Shady Acres Mobile Home Park's cover photo


Per the lease, each tenant is responsible for clearing snow of their sidewalks and steps. It is not the park's job to clear , your sidewalk steps or deck. If you can not do so then hire someone.


Is your heating tape working?
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Attention, if your water pipe freezes notify us. If it stays frozen too long it splits the pipe and creates massive leaks. Today's leak was bad enough and on the parks supply pipe. We almost had to shut the water off to the whole park. That would have put us in Boil Order meaning no water for several days. We have isolated one home and are trying to fix. Wes has a torpedo heater and normally takes about 15 minutes to thaw.. This summer everyone needs to check heat tapes.


Big shout out to Linda Holcomb, Mike Russ and Marlene Walters for helping with leaves this week, the help is really appreciated, thanks Kent


Albany flushed water mains, some are experiencing low water pressure and water is a little rusty. Problem will fix itself.


We had a syringe on the dumpster that was NOT properly disposed off

The FDA recommends a two-step process for properly disposing of used needles and other sharps.
Step 1: Place all needles and other sharps in a sharps disposal container immediately after they have been used. ...
Step 2: Dispose of used sharps disposal containers according to your community guidelines.
Safely Using Sharps (Needles and Syringes) at Home, at Work and on ...


Moring Disposal will start emptying dumpsters on Tuesday (September 26th)
and continue forth on Tuesdays. No more Friday emptying


Please be understanding, we have a pit bull in the park it is a service dog. The young lady needs her service dog and the owner are aware.. thanks Kent


Twice in the last two days, children playing in laundry mat have vandalized it. Tearing up toilet paper and dumping over carts. It is not a playroom.


Dumpster at lot 33 moved to lot 49


Storage unit repairs and door seals to start Friday the 19th


Please do not park in the grass of empty lots while the ground is soft.


Reminder, lots are gas meter to gas meter, please respect your neighbor's lot.


Tenants, Please read.
The Park speed limit is 15mph, please obey the speed limit. Complaints have been filed about people speeding in and out of park late at night and early morning and backing up too fast. The Albany Police have been asked to run radar and ticket offenders. Speed Bumps will be installed shortly!!

Dumpster abuse; no furniture or appliances are to be placed in dumpster. Complaints about a large number of boxes filling dumpster. Please break down boxes so they lay flat and take up less space. Make sure garbage goes in dumpster so it does not blow out.

Spring cleanup time, please pickup your yards. Dispose of any household items, it is your responsibility to take to land fill, not the Parks.
Laundry Mat is not a play room for children.


We had a fire on lot 37, thank god no one was hurt. Fire Department used the hydrant so our water will be rusty looking for a day sorry.

 RENT DUERent is due on the 1st of the month. Payments received after the 10th will receive a LATE FEE of $10. To many t...
Shady Acres Mobile Home Park

Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Payments received after the 10th will receive a LATE FEE of $10. To many tenants are paying rent late in the month. Habitual late rent is grounds for eviction.
Garbage Disposal
We have been seeing household items and electronics at the dumpsters, per your lease and per Illinois Law these items may not be disposed of in the garbage:
Please keep your yards mowed or make arrangements to have it mowed.

We now have a page for Shady Acres Mobile Home Park. We may be posting some announcements and updates on park news on this page, Check us out!

Shacy Acres Mobile Home Park a small well maintain and quite mobile home park. All lots are well shaded


I have mail for Hunter Humlick.


The water leak has been fixed


We have a water leak, it appears to be on the even side. We will be checking under homes soon.


Stop running water it is warm enough you will not freeze. We are running at 3 times normal. Do not run water.


Just a reminder, Rent up Jan 1, it is $10 more. If you already paid the old amount, add the difference to February's rent


Starting Jan 1, rent increased $10 per month


Please keep your speed down!!


I am getting to many complaints about motorcycles and noise!! If you ride keep your rpms and noise to a minimum. Respect your neighbors and the other tenants keep the noise down. Please pass on to your guest.


Many have heard the rumors the Village of Albany and the park owner are working on upgrading the electric grid in the park. Soon you will see Norwest Surveyors in the park setting the property lines, please leave the markings alone. Nelson Electric will be in Monday with the owners walking down the grid and developing the Estimated cost. As information comes out I promise to share


The home on lot #22 will be pulled out next week.


403 Sycamore St
Albany, IL


(309) 887-4141


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