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Tips on Selling Your Home-Cleaning

Moving is a very stressful time. This is especially true when your are trying to find a new home while also attempting to sell your current one. A fast sell for the most value for your current home is ideal in these situations. In using home staging as part of preparing your home for sell, one of the things we always tell homeowners is to make your home look its very best. The most important thing in this endeavor is Cleaning. I don't mean a good, regular daily cleaning, I mean "Q-tip clean". Just as you would detail your car, you should also detail your house before putting it on the market. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a cleaning service this is a must. Buyers who come to look at your home are putting it under a microscope so to speak. They look at everything and see everything that we as homeowners may not pay much attention to on a daily basis.

So, my tip is to take each room one at a time and clean top to bottom before moving on to the next room. Start with the ceilings and work your way to the floors-
1) Do the ceilings need cleaned of smudges or cobwebs?
2) Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be cleaned thoroughly (this is a good time to replace burned out light bulbs).
3) Check the trim moldings (crown moldings, trim around windows and doors, and baseboards).
4) Wipe down walls top to bottom
5) Clean windows inside and out
6) Clean hardwood floors, clean tile and tile grout, have carpeting professionally cleaned or rent a steam cleaner yourself.
7) Bathrooms- clean all crevices and around all fixtures with an old toothbrush.
8) Kitchens- clean all areas of the sink, appliances, countertops, wipe down cabinets (upper and lower)/ inside and out), clean out refrigerators, etc.
9) Bedrooms- don't forget the closets.
10) Remember doors and doorknobs too.

I think you get the picture. It really is important. A "Q-tip clean" house will look well cared for and will be more appealing to buyers. They will be able to see themselves living there because it will also feel more like a fresh new home. It is a big chore to take on, but in the end you will be glad you did when you are closing on the sell on your home in no time!

By Penny Browning, ASP, IAHSP
Real Estyle Staging & Design


What is Home Staging Anyway?
Home Staging is the method of preparing your home for sale so that it sales faster and for top dollar. Contrary to popular belief, Staging is NOT decorating. Decorating a home is a process whereby you make the home look the way YOU like it, it is very personalized to your specific tastes. Home Staging on the other hand is the opposite. It is a method of De-personalizing a home, among other things, so that it appeals to a broader range of people. This is important when you are trying to sell your home. The more people who like it, the better your chances of selling the home! This is what makes for a faster sale. Usually, your buyer will be in the first few people who look at your home when it goes on the market. It is imperative that you make a great first impression if you want to sell fast and for asking price.

Statistics show that 95% of Staged Homes vs. Non-Staged homes sell within 23 days or less. Whereas Non-Staged homes average days on market before sold is 130 days. Yes, it is a little bit of an investment, But, as Barb Swarz, creator of home staging always says, "The investment in Staging your home, will Always be less than a Price Reduction on your home." Home Staging is an investment that has a big return on your money spent. According to, Staging can have an Average ROI (Return On Investment) of 4597%. For example, if you spend $75 on Home Staging, You will effectively increase the Selling Price of your home by $3,000 - $3,999. That's right, you actually Increase the value of your home. Staged homes usually appraise at a higher value than those not staged, and you will get a higher price on your property when you do get offers. Staged homes just look better than the competition and makes your property stand out in the mass market.

An important thing to remember, When selecting a stager to work with in your area, look for the ASP or ASPM designations for the stager you choose. This is an Accredited Staging Professional or Accredited Staging Professional Master. The ASP or ASPM designations are the only Nationally recognized accreditation for home staging. This designation means that this person went through an intensive training program on home staging. You can learn more about Home Staging by checking out the website at You will also find an ASP Directory tab at the top of the home page on this site that will help you find an accredited ASP Stager in your area. You can check out my website as well at:

Penny Browning, ASP, IAHSP  (Accredited Staging Professional) and Member of the International Association of Home Stagin...

Penny Browning, ASP, IAHSP (Accredited Staging Professional) and Member of the International Association of Home Staging Professional. Bachelors Degree in Interior Design


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